Broken bridge aluminum profile 
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How to achieve correct extrusion and maintain, how to achieve aluminum profile extrusion better, it is necessary to scientifically extend the life of the mold, reasonable use of mold production is an aspect that cannot be ignored.Because the working conditions of the extrusion mold are extremely bad, reasonable measures must be taken to ensure the tissue performance of the mold in the extrusion production:

1. Take the appropriate extrusion speed.In the extrusion process, when the extrusion speed is too fast, it will be difficult to make uniform the metal flow. The aluminum metal flow and the mold cavity inner wall friction of the broken bridge heat insulation profile manufacturers will aggravate the wear of the die working belt, and the mold temperature is actually higher.If the residual heat from the metal deformation can not be taken away in time, the mold may fail due to local overheating.If the extrusion speed is appropriate, the above adverse consequences can be avoided, and the extrusion speed should generally be controlled below 25 mm/s.

2. Reasonably select the extrusion temperature.The extrusion temperature is determined by the mold heating temperature, spindle barrel temperature, and aluminum rod temperature.The low temperature of the aluminum rod is easy to cause the increase of squeeze pressure or stuffy car phenomenon, the mold is prone to local trace elastic deformation, or produce cracks in the part of the stress concentration, resulting in the early scrapping of the die.The high temperature of the aluminum rod will soften the metal tissue, and adhere to the surface of the mold working belt and even block the die (when the molds collapse at high pressure). The reasonable heating temperature of the ununiform ingot is at 460-520, and the uniform ingot is at 430-480.

Maintenance method of broken bridge aluminum profile extrusion mold:

1. The mold assembly shall be heated to a certain temperature.The extrusion mold, mold pad, mold sleeve, needle tip and mold support shall be heated to 400~500with a heating time of 2 ~8 h. The upper limit shall be taken for large flat shunt combination mode and tongue mode system;

2. The surface of the mold assembly shall be clean and free from defects, especially both sides shall be smooth and smooth, so as to avoid bad contact and stress concentration;

3. For aluminum and magnesium alloy extrusion modes, no-lubricating extrusion should be used;

4. The module assembly should be concentric with the extrusion centerline for the smooth passage of the extrusion industrial aluminum profiles;

5. The industrial aluminum profile of each mold should not be squeezed too much at each time. When the extrusion reaches a certain amount, it should be replaced and maintained even if it has not yet failed;

6. Mold shall be repaired and nitrilated regularly in time to improve the life span;

7. When the aluminum profile is squeezed, the upper pressure should be slow, and the speed should be uniform to prevent the impact and extrusion;

8. When perforation and squeezing, minimize the heat intensity of the mold and avoid cold water pouring directly on the mold;

9. Regularly measure the hardness and size of the mold, repair and replace the mold in time, so that it can often maintain a good working state;

10. When loading and unloading and replacement, special tools should be used and placed, so as to avoid injury and damage;

11. Establish good process conditions to avoid stuffy car and mold blocking;

12. The storage of molds should be strengthened, establish mold accompanying cards, and make original use records.




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